A City Full of Teslas – The Fancy Side of Hong Kong (+Why I Hate Traveling All the Time)


It’s a little past midnight, my business partner Jonas (yep, same name) and I, are finishing our drinks in a fancy bar on the 118th floor, looking at the skyline of Hong-Kong. We are getting tired, so I get out my phone and order an Uber…

Bing! “We found you a driver” appears on the screen after a few seconds. I look at the screen and don’t believe what I am seeing.
This must be a mistake, right?

Below the name of our driver, I can see his car: A Tesla Model S. I am double-checking whether I ordered the more expensive UberBlack, but no. It’s just the standard Uber. And indeed, a few minutes later we have the coolest Uber-Ride of our lives.

Funny thing, while in most parts of the world you only see Teslas every once in a while, in Hong-Kong you see about a hundred per day. Why?

Check out my latest video about our trip to Hong-Kong to find out!



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